14 Must Have Skills for Software Developers

From Google, Microsoft, and Facebook to Swiggy, Zomato, and Byju’s, everybody wants to get on just one bandwagon – Data Science and Machine Learning. There is no denying the fact that Data Science is one of the fastest-growing fields along with its job opportunities.

The global machine learning market is expected to reach $20.83 Billion by the year 2024. That’s massive!  According to Glassdoor, the average pay scale of a data scientist is Rs. 900k per year in India whereas the average salary of a computer programmer is Rs. 400k per year. That is the kind of scale we are talking about.

But how is data science seeing so much growth? The applications in this field are endless – from simple sales prediction to way up to self-driven cars and personal assistants, everything is powered by Data Science. No wonder every organization craves a talented Data Scientist.

According to a recent report by Gartner, there will be approximately 2.3 million new jobs by the year 2020 in the field of machine learning and AI. Isn’t that exciting?

The 14 Must-Have Data Science Skills

  1. Fundamentals of Data Science
  2. Statistics
  3. Programming knowledge
  4. Data Manipulation and Analysis
  5. Data Visualization
  6. Machine Learning
  7. Deep Learning
  8. Big Data
  9. Software Engineering
  10. Model Deployment
  11. Communication Skills
  12. Storytelling Skills
  13. Structured Thinking
  14. Curiosity
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